5 comments on “What is the Role of Student Ministry?

  1. Wow,did not know you could be so deep. I totaly agree. I have had parents tell me that they are leaving it up to me to teach thier young person about christ. I feel my role is support…to support what the parents should be teaching at home. Loved it Grady–straight on truth.

  2. Absolutely great post man. Thank you for your openness and willingly heart to address such a vital yet sensitive conversation. I pray more people read this and take heed. I will be sharing. God bless all that you are doing for his kingdom.

  3. Odd how families push the temporal – academical, athletics, romantic relationships but knowing God whom we will spend eternity glorifying is neglected at best. In truth it is often forgotten and see as superfluous and a message is sent that God in not real and not necessary, but “Son (or daughter) you better get yours while you can” is broadcast into their lives and modeled before them.

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