2 comments on “Parents, Student Ministry Needs You

  1. Good thoughts, but I do have one question about what Paul says in Titus two. Does that mean that women are to encourage and teach only the females in their home? I have always had a hard time with this. I know that the men are to be the spiritual leaders in their home, but what do we do if the leader shows no interest in picking up a bible except for Sundays? I haven’t always picked up the bible at home but after reading this, I don’t want my children to lose their faith after school so I will make more time for God. I want to be an example for my kids both male and female.

    • Amy, not at all. Obviously, God’s design is that women would teach girls and men would teach men. However, the issue at heart is that students need adults to live and model their faith before them. They need adults who intentionally invest in them. If a male student does not have a positive male spiritual leader in the home, then yes, the mother should lead (as happened in the case of Timothy who was led by his mother and grandmother).

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