4 comments on “How did we get here?

  1. Grady my brother I believe you are spot on. In sitting down talking with more and more college students all the above ring in accordance with what they tell me. Thank you for braving these waters and stepping out to speak on this issue. Keep it up and this will for sure be shared. Bless you, your family, and the ministry you all lead.


  2. Coming from the perspective of a twenty something who was raised in church , and is now involved in ministry I think that some of the points you brought up are spot on. The things we are teaching the younger generation are often washed down to a point of dancing on the fence whether they are even biblical attributes of a Christ follower or just the building blocks to a well rounded moral human being. So often we teach that God accepts you just as your are in which that is simply not the case. God loves us right where we are , but without repentance we shall all likewise perish. God has shown us love while we were still sinners , but our part is not done. There is such a lack of commitment in today’s society. We forget that those who remain to the end shall be saved. Lastly I believe the biggest struggle we have in keeping our young people in church is because the lack of parental guidance. Young people come to church for maybe two hours on Wednesdays nights, and go home to broken families in which the name of God is only spoken in jest. Train up a child in the way he should go and in the end he shall not depart from it. There is hope in Christ. His remnant is small, but incredibly powerful. I for one am watching for the day when God raises a valley of dry bones to stand as his army, and I plan to be a big part of it. 🙂

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