4 comments on “Who is Your Nathan?

  1. You wrote, “You can rest assured that if Satan knew how to attack Jesus in Matthew 4 (food, pride, and power), he knows where we are vulnerable as well. In fact, Peter even warns about such.” Since Jesus was single, it seems that Jesus would be most vulnerable to a sex sin, but Satan did not attack Jesus with sex. That raises an interesting question – Why wasn’t Jesus vulnerable in the area of sex or was he? Christianity today seems to focus on only one type of sin – sex sin – which is the one sin you mentioned (David and Bathsheba) and is silent on the sins Satan used to attack Jesus.

    • Great thought. I would, however, say that for many (yet not all), sex sins have little to do with sex. I would say (and admit that it is my opinion) that many sex sins, especially from males, are more linked to pride than sex. In addition, I mentioned food, but I would also say that that specific temptation was one used for fleshly desires as well (which would then include sex).
      As far as my mention of David and Bathsheba, I used that merely because it seemed like the greatest example to illustrate the point. I am sure there are others though. I certainly did not mean to imply that the only sin in which Christian leaders can be involved is sex sin. Of course, we struggle with pride, gluttony, anxiety, and every other sin with which the rest of humanity struggles.

  2. Grady,
    You are a wonderful man of God. God has truly blessed you with the ability to write, understand, and minister his word. I want to thank you for the articles you write – they are so encouraging and uplifting.
    Love ya,

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